On Line Cookbook

Fried Asparagus

Recipe Information

  • Asparagus
  • 1 tbsp (15 ml) Olive Oil (or vegetable oil- I prefer olive oil)
  • Crazy Salt (can be purchased at any grocery store)
  • Cut asparagus down to about 4 or 5 inches (cut bottom ends off)
  • Heat frying pan on medium-medium high heat with one tbsp of olive oil.
  • Put asparagus in pan flat (try to have them all lay flat in bottom of pan - they cook better this way) If you have more to cook and it will not fit, I usually do 2 batches.
  • Sprinkle crazy salt all over them (dont overdo it though!-you'll be sorry)
  • Cook until slightly brown. When done frying put them on a paper napkin to drain.
  • If you need to cook more, repeat above.
  • Enjoy!!
My mother worked in a really upscale resturant that used this recipe.