On Line Cookbook


Recipe Information
K. Goins

Serves/Makes:enough for the family

  • Make enough of the main ingredients the first night to use for a different dish the next night.
  • Quick & Easy Meal #1-2: (1) Tacos, (2) Chili.
  • Brown enough ground beef for 2 meals (depending on your family size).
  • The first night, use the ground beef for homemade tacos...the second night use leftover taco meat to make chili.
  • Quick & Easy Meal #3-4: (3) Make "Ann Landers Meat Loaf," and serve with baked potatoes and frozen or canned corn.
  • (4) Use the leftover meat loaf, leftover potatoes and leftover corn, along with a can of tomatoes and mixed vegetables to make vegetable soup...simmer all day for best flavor.
  • Quick & Easy Meals #5-6: (5) Round steak baked in foil with a packet of onion soup mix, halved peeled potatoes, and carrot chunks.
  • (6) Use the leftovers with a can of beef broth to make beef stew.
  • Quick & Easy Meals #7-8: (7) Bake pork chops and serve with rice and stir fried broccoli, carrots, and onions.
  • (8) Cut up leftover chops, mix with leftover rice, and leftover vegetables, add a can of mushroom soup and bake as a casserole.
  • Prepare as usual. These are ideas for the new mom and not specific recipes.