On Line Cookbook

Southern Fried Chicken Gravy

Recipe Information
  • Drippings from fried chicken
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Milk
  • Leave some of the "crackings" or crumbs from the chicken in the gravy.
  • You need about 6 tbsp (90 ml).
  • (An iron skillet really gives the best flavor.)
  • Over medium-high heat, stir in enough flour to make it the consistency similar to thin pancake batter.
  • Lightly brown this mixture.
  • Put in salt and pepper to taste.
  • Pour in milk.
  • (Good gravy is hardly ever measured that I have seen, you just learn the "feel" and "look".) I say 4 cups? You will know the consistency when you see it.
  • It does thicken after it has cooked for a minute or so.
Trial and error is how I learned this,my mother taught me the basics and there were never measurements,when i asked "how much" she would tell me "till it looks right." A lot of help, huh? But it does eventually "look right" after making it a few times !