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Vicky Bryant

  • Use profiterole recipe already listed.
  • 000907: Profitrolle-Chocolate Cream Puffs
  • Put dough in pastry bag using a larger tip (with or without a design) Make a solid circle on the bottom starting at center and then bring it up. several times, swirling around while pulling up, to form a peak. Be sure that as you pull up you still keep dough fairly solid.
  • Bake at this point and let cool.
  • Cut top off.
  • Put a ladle of creme anglaise on the bottom of a plate.
  • Place bottom of profiterole in middle of plate.
  • Put two small or 1 large scoop of vanilla ice cream on bottom part.
  • Put top on top of the ice cream.
  • Drizzle chocolate syrup over top.
You can also put large pea-size dots of chocolate at various places in the creme anglaise and pull a toothpick from top of dot to bottom - this will make a heart shape. Wipe toothpick clean before each stroke.

Start in the middle with the chocolate and make a circular swirl pattern until you reach the outside of the plate. Pull the toothpick from the inside, center of the plate to the outside all around and it looks somewhat like a spider web. Be sure to wipe toothpick clean before each stroke.

Use a squeeze bottle (you can buy empty perm bottles at beauty supply houses - I find the nozzle is just the right size, or it can be cut a little larger)

You can use raspberry coulis instead of the chocolate or with the chocolate for contrasting colors.