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  • The Encyclopedia of Herbs, Spices & Flavorings-A Cook's Compendium:
  • by Elisabeth Lambert Ortiz, Dorling Kindersley, Inc. New York 1992
  • Savoring Spices and Herbs, recipe secrets of flavor, aroma and color:
  • by Julie Sahni, William Morrow and Company, Inc. New York 1996
  • There are many guides available.
These are but two of the herb and spice guides on my shelf. The DK (Dorling Kindersley) book will tell you more than you needed to know about more spices than you knew existed--and all with gorgeous pictures and some recipe suggestions. The Julie Sahni book has shorter descriptions and few pictures but very tasty recipes. It depends on the format you're looking for. Visit your local bookstore or checkout our Marketplace and place an order online with Amazon.com.