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Super-Stuffed Potato Alfredo "light"

Recipe Information
Potato stuffed with low fat ingredients makes an easy lunch or meal light on calories but heavy on flavor!



  • 1 baked potato (can buy elswhere or microwave at home)
  • 1 cooked skinless chicken breast, seasoned with italian seasonings
  • fat free sour cream or yogurt
  • fat free evaporated milk, heated until warm
  • steamed broccoli, chopped
  • parmesan cheese (use fat free if available)
  • low fat shredded mozzerella cheese
  • Bake the potato, if not prebaked.
  • Scoop out the potato flesh into a bowl, leaving some on the inside (so you have a sturdy shell to fill).
  • Chop the cooked and seasoned chicken and broccoli into bite-size pieces;set aside.
  • Combine the potato flesh with some warm evaporated milk and sour cream, enough to make very creamy, but not too runny.
  • Add a couple tbsp of parmesan and season well with salt and pepper.
  • Now incorporate the broccoli and chicken into potato mixture and mix well.
  • Stuff the potato shell with mixture and sprinkle with mozzerella cheese.
  • Melt cheese in oven or microwave and enjoy!!!
Use any ingredients you like to make this a delicious and healthy meal for one - or make a few and have a party!