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Baked Salt Pork

Recipe Information
The New England Yankee Cookbook, 1939

Serves/Makes:4 or more

  • salt pork
  • seasoned bread dressing
  • milk
  • pepper
  • sweet potatoes
  • Irish potatoes
  • flour
  • Wash a piece of salt pork of proper size for the family to be fed; then soak overnight in sweet milk.
  • Score the rind an inch deep in half-inch cues and fill the incisions with a highly seasoned bread dressing.
  • Dust with pepper, and lay in a baking pan with a cup of milk.
  • Bake in a 350 degree (175 C.) oven for about 30 minutes to the pound.
  • About an hour before dinner pour out most of the gravy, and surround the pork with sweet and Irish potatoes; bake and brown them.
  • Skim the fat from the gravy, thicken and season, and serve the pork in thin slices.
Since this recipe comes from a 1939 cookbook, the format and ingredients are a little different than we would find in cookbooks today. There were no quantities given on any of the ingredients and I would assume the gravy to be thickened with flour--about 1 T. per cup of liquid. Perhaps a little Stovetop Stuffing would do for the seasoned bread dressing.