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Frozen Jello Pops

Recipe Information
Chiffon-textured frozen popsicles.

Tracy Semonik

Serves/Makes:6 or more

  • one box jello, any flavor
  • small container Cool Whip
  • Prepare one box, any flavor, of Jello as directed.
  • Let the liquid cool to room temperature (can speed it up by refrigerating,it's OK if it starts
  • to gel up), then use a mixer to beat in entire container of Cool Whip.
  • Mix on high until you get the desired consistency, then pour into molds and freeze (usually only about 2 hours in the freezer will do).
My mother used to make this when I was a kid, and I hated the fact that she was "ruining" my Jello. But now, it tastes pretty good! You can also just leave it in the fridge for a mousse dessert, or layer it just like you do with plain Jello. Hope this works for ya!