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Punch Bowl Cake

Recipe Information
Kountry Cookin'

  • 1 box yellow cake mix.
  • 2 boxes instant vanilla pudding
  • 1 can cherry pie filling
  • 1 20 oz (560 grm). can crushed pineapple, drained
  • 2 12 oz (336 grm). containers cool whip
  • crushed walnuts for topping
  • Bake the cake in a 13 inch x 9 inch cake pan.
  • When cooled, crumble 1/2 cake in the bottom of the punch bowl.
  • Make the instant pudding.
  • Layer the punch bowl as follows--cake, cherry pie filing, crushed pineapple, coolwhip.
  • Then repeat this again.
  • Do this until you end up with cool whip on the top.
  • Then I add crushed walnuts on top of coolwhip.
  • Chill at least 8 hours.