On Line Cookbook

Grilled Fish

Recipe Information
Vicky Bryant

  • your favorite fish
  • olive oil
  • seasonings, as desired
  • Season your fish with whatever the recipe calls for--It could be just salt and pepper and lemon, o.r the fish could be marinated in something
  • Coat fish in some olive oil or make sure your grill is coated with olive oil.
  • Place fish on grill and watch for it to cook from the bottom up.
  • When it is cooked almost half-way up turn over.
  • Do same thing on other side.
  • Also if you push on the fish it should not feel mushy but should flake.
  • If the fish is very thick you can finish cooking with the lid closed using an indirect heating method or in the oven.
  • This same theory can be used if cooking fish in a pan on the stove.
I hope this helps. The key is to make sure either the grill is coated in oil and turn fish only once. It's really not that hard once you just try.