On Line Cookbook

Iced Coffee

Recipe Information
christy J

Serves/Makes:1 gallon

  • 10 tbsp (150 ml) ground coffee
  • water
  • sugar
  • cream
  • milk
  • ice, lots of it
  • Make one 12 cups (2825 ml) pot of hot coffee with 10 tbsp (150 ml) of ground coffee in the filter.
  • Pour finished coffe into a one gallon container.
  • Add water to fill container.
  • Fill up your glass with lots of ice, then add iced coffee, and your sugar and/or cream.
  • Stir (or shake if you have two cups, either way is fine).
  • Enjoy :)
Try to use the same pitcher everytime. The coffee can and will stain the plastic pitcher, and can leave a taste in the jug. Also you can leave this pitcher at room temperature for two days, or in refrigerater for up to 5. (I used to work at a coffee shop).