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BBQ Baby Back Ribs

Recipe Information
Best Baby Backs Ever

Kurt Wilson

Serves/Makes:7 or more

  • 4 racks baby back ribs
  • Mrs. Dash seasoning or other all-purpose seasoning blend
  • Cajun seasoning
  • garlic powder
  • bottled barbecue sauce
  • Take a 3 pack of baby back ribs (like the ones at Costco) about 10 ribs per slab, remove them from the package and rinse really good.
  • Lay them out on a counter covered with plastic wrap.
  • Make sure you pat the ribs dry.
  • Take all seasonings, I use Mrs. Dash, and lightly sprinkle over front and back side of ribs. You can also use a little garlic powder and Cajun powder - but not too much!
  • Rub the seasonings in well.
  • Put the ribs in a flat tray and cover with foil.
  • If you are going to cook within the next hour or so don't bother putting in the fridge, otherwise pop them in the fridge but make sure you take them out at least an hour before grilling.
  • Next - make sure you have already purchased a bag of 100% MESQUITE CHARCOAL. It is the black stuff, not the wood looking stuff. By the way, you can only use the black stuff in traditional bbq's, not the gas bbq's! If you must use gas - you should use the wood type soaked in wood for at least an hour before.
  • OK - time to start the fire.
  • The secret to making these ribs is the mesquite fire, and the prep and control of it, as mequite burns much hotter than most other charcoals. It is important to get the mesquite spread evenly in the bbq once all the charcoal is smoldering. It takes about 30 or so minutes to get the mesquite settled down.
  • Once it is, place the ribs on the bbq and make sure you turn them constantly to avoid burning them.
  • In between turning make sure you close the lid to keep a good smoke going.
  • After about 35 or so minutes you will notice the meat pulling away from the ends of the bones - this means they are pretty much done.
  • Time to slap on the bbq sauce. I use regular Bullseye.
  • Start by smothering one side with the sauce...turn and do the same on the other - close the lid for smoking effect - don't wait too long to turn again, smother again with sauce, turn once more, close the lid and all exhausts to keep all smoke in the barbecue.
That's it! I have been cooking baby backs like this for years, and they turn out fantastic EVERY time - again the secret here is...DRY RUB, USE 100% MESQUITE CHARCOAL, TURN FREQUENTLY, SMOTHER IN BBQ SAUCE WHEN THE RIBS ARE DONE COOKING, AND ONCE AGAIN DON'T LET THEM BURN!