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Roast Turkey (Unstuffed)

Recipe Information

  • 1 small or medium-size turkey
  • Best Foods or Hellmans Mayonnaise
  • Remove giblets from body and neck cavities of turkey.
  • Rinse turkey thoroughly, inside and out, and pat dry.
  • With a sandwich bag on your hand, smear mayonnaise all over turkey.
  • Cover loosely with foil.
  • If possible, place pan in oven so larger end of the bird is toward the back.
  • Bake at 325 degrees (175 C.), about 15 or 16 minutes per pound, until the proper internal temperature is reached (there are various opinions about this so I won't specify).
  • Remove foil near the end of cooking time to brown the bird more if necessary.
  • Use drippings to flavor and moisten stuffing baked separately in a casserole.
  • Boil giblets to chop up and use in gravy made with turkey drippings.
If this is your first turkey, be sure to read about food safety problems with stuffed turkey leftovers. This is a "safe" recipe since stuffing never touches the turkey. I've made this many times. From Peg Bracken, author of I Hate to Cook Cookbook.

See roasting thermometer for suggested temperature for turkey doneness. When inserting thermometer in the breast, be careful that it does not touch the bone. You want the temperature of the meat itself.