On Line Cookbook


Recipe Information
Delicous Crisp Flatbread, authentic recipe brought to this country from immigrants who settled Minnesota.

S. Chokel

  • 3 pounds of potatoes
  • 1 pound rye flour
  • Butter
  • Sour Cream
  • Sugar
  • Cook the potatoes, mash them while still warm.
  • Knead the potatoes well with 1 pound of rye flour until it becomes a fine paste, and leave until the following day.
  • Roll on a floured board as thinly as possible to round cakes as large as a cast iron griddle (or your new fangled electric griddles).
  • Bake by turning several times with a pancake turner until well baked. They should be light brown.
  • Place on paper to cool. The bread will be crisp at this point. (For softer cakes, do not turn more than two or three times).
  • Keep Lefsa in clean kitchen towels, (this means flour sack or cotton toweling, not terry cloth, but you can wrap them in tin foil).
  • Make a paste of equal parts of butter and sour cream and spread half on one side of the cake and dust with a little sugar.
  • Fold the unbuttered part over again to form a triangle.
  • Keep the cakes covered until served.
  • They are a finger food for the most part and a good accompaniment for any meal.
At Christmas and even other Holidays like Easter or Birthdays they are always a special treat! A lot of work, but worth every second!