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Pepperoni Rolls

Recipe Information
These are sold by the dozens and loved by all on the East Coast where there are many good Italian Cooks!

S. Chokel

Serves/Makes:3 dozen

  • 1 quart (950 ml) water
  • 1/2 lb (.2 kg). lard (do not substitute, this effects texture and flavor)
  • 1 cup (225 ml) sugar
  • 1-1/2 tsp (7 ml) salt
  • 3 packages dry yeast
  • 12 cups (2825 ml) all-purpose unbleached flour
  • 1 lb (.5 kg). very thinly sliced pepperoni
  • 1 lb (.5 kg). grated mozzerella cheese
  • Optional: 2 large onions, very thinly sliced and cut in quarter strips
  • Heat the water, lard, sugar and salt to 105 to 115 degrees (45 C.).
  • Put the mixture into a bowl and add yeast, give it a minute or two to proof.
  • Add flour, mixing a little at a time.
  • While adding the flour, add small amounts of cut pepperoni, cheese, and onions if used, or save it to stuff into the buns you form after two risings.
  • Let rise in a draft free oiled bowl until at least doubled.
  • Punch down and let rise again.
  • Make into bun with your hands, any shape and size you like. Most make them the size of hot dog buns. You can stuff these with the pepperoni, cheese and onion if you are using them at this point, (or put some in the dough and stuff some more at this point).
  • Place the buns on a greased baking sheet or pan and let rise again a third time.
  • Bake in a 350 degree (175 C.) oven for about 20 to 30 minutes or until golden and done.
  • Eat them out of the oven, heated again with sauce, cooled to room temperature in lunches or picnics, or cold out of the refrigerator.
  • They freeze very well.
Use spicy or mild pepperoni for flavor changes. Do not use sauce when making these, it makes a mess and doesn't taste right, however, these are great dipped in sauce.

A real treat is to make these very small, like the size of a skinny egg, with the pepperoni and cheese tucked into the middle and sealed off, then deep fry them, set them into a ovenproof casserole dish, and after the dish is filled, drizzle them the a one part melted butter and one part extra virgin olive oil with two minced cloves of garlic, and then, top it all off with a nice sprinkling of grated parmesan, romano, and bread crumb topping and bake for another 20 minutes in a 350 degree oven until the cheese is melted. This makes an AWESOME appetizer or meal during football season.