On Line Cookbook

Baby Food

Recipe Information


  • Small glass or stainless steel pot
  • 1 to 2 cups (475 ml) fresh vegetable
  • or fruit of choice; peeled, sliced,diced,
  • Cold tap water to cover vegetable
  • or distilled bottled water
  • Blender or fork to mash or puree.
  • Basic Baby Food:
  • Cook 1 to 2 cups (475 ml) desired vegetable/fruit in small pot, uncovered (green vegetables will be more colorful if not covered)until fork tender.
  • Remove from heat immediately, and pour out into another container (stops heat from pot from extending cooking time).
  • Serve mashed or process in blender OR if baby is into finger foods let cool and serve.
  • Or place in muffin tin or cupcake tin to quick freeze.
  • Remove after frozen and place in zip lock freezor bag.
  • Date and use. (I never got into canning.)
Note: Avoid spices, salt, peppers in baby's food until baby gets older. Introduce new foods gradually into child's diet per your doctor's recommendations. DON'T mix vegetables or fruits in your baby's food until you know which one's your child CAN eat (allergies possible). Note: all containers that you use for preparing baby's food should be sterilized before use (bowls/muffin tins). Don't let food sit at room temperature before serving/freezing for extended length of time.

Usually I just cook a family size pot of the vegetable first; remove a plain portion of fruit/vegetable/meat then spice/salt/pepper food for rest of family.