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We treat your privacy as we would our own. There are a couple of elements of our site that we would like to explain with regard to your privacy.

Email Addresses
Our mailing list is used to automatically send emails when new recipes are added to the cookbook. We also may on occassion use the mailing list to communicate other information to you. We will never sell or distribute our mailing list to any other entity.

In our marketplace pages, vendors may have an email link. If you use this link, you will be asked to provide contact information, including your email address. This information will be forwarded to that vendor, just as if you emailed them directly. The information is not stored by us (you are not automatically added to our mailing list, for example,) and will not be sent to any other entity except the vendor you selected.

Not only do we bake cookies, we also use cookies in this web site to track overall usage and to keep track of your navigation. For example, when you are viewing a certain page of the index, the cookbook remembers the page for you. When you search the cookbook for a phrase, it remembers the list that was generated. Therefore, for the site to work properly, it is important that you have cookies enabled on your browser, at least so the cookie can be sent to the originating server.

There are many, many sites on the web that rely on cookies, none of which will rely on cookies sent by other servers. In addition, there is nothing that can be sent back to the originating server that the server didn't have at one time anyway. So you can balance your privacy with the needs of web developers by allowing cookies to be sent to their originating server.

All this is done with a single cookie that allows your browser to tell us a nonsensicle but unique value we call a session id. There is no other information, certainly no personal information, that is being sent to us. In addition, the cookie expires as soon as you close your browser.

Third-party Advertising
The On Line Cookbook works with a third party that serves ads to this site. To find out more about how Flycast manages the privacy of information in conjunction with serving ads on this site, please go to www.flycast.com/about_us/about-privacy.html.

Please email us at chef if you have any questions.

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